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Mr. Bear's Trunk


Now Available!

Mr. Bear's Trunk: Meet Mr. Bear

The Book


When Mr. Bear is with his trunk, using his imagination, it's the most magical place ever. 

He can do what he wants to do, go where he wants to go and be who he wants to be.

So can you!

Whether or not your child has ever felt different, left out, alone or bullied...This is the perfect tool to explore their feelings and help them discover their true worth.

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Autographed Copy


Companion Coloring and Activity Book


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Autographed Copy of the Book plus the Companion Activity Book


Autographed Copy of the Book and the Companion Activity Book PLUS

your child writes and illustrates their own story using pages in the activity book.

Mr. Bear highlights their story on his YouTube show.

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Mr. Bear's Trunk

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