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Personalized Magic Shows

"It's important to remember that we all have Magic inside us."
                                          - JK Rowling

Mr. Bear has been a Magician for over 35 years. His magic is not only Fun for Children of All Ages, but Parents love his playfulness and humor. As an Entertainer, Mr. Bear loves utilizing Music and Dance into his performance. As an Educator, he creates opportunities to strengthen skills such as Reading, Counting, Grouping, Color Recognition, Memorization and so much more. He encourages his audience, to Never Stop Pretending and to Continue to Use Their Imagination.



Children love to Participate and even Learn something new from Mr. Bear. Participants often learn a simple trick they can share with their friends.



Following in the footsteps of one of his Inspirations, Houdini,  Mr. Bear incorporates Escape Illusions into his performances. This is a always enjoyed by all ages



By using similar techniques used in

the classroom, Children are not only Entertained but their Skills are put to the test...With passing colors, of course.



​OK...So who DOESN'T love a Live Bunny? The appearance of our furry friend makes for great pictures and a chance to pet the cutest assistant ever.



​Mr. Bear's alter ego is great for older children who want a Mysterious, yet Comical Magician.



Mr. Bear can create ANY Character and adapt the Magic to that Character's World. His Star Wars Magic Shows are Out of This World!

Personalized Magic Shows


Choose from any of your favorite Star Wars characters, Jedi or Sith, and be a part of the Padawans' Force Training. Who will win? The Light Side or the Dark Side? The Force is very strong with this Magician as he demonstrates his power as the younglings assist him in bringing balance to the Force.



To be a Hero, one must learn to Work Together as a Team. These young recruits will band together in Hero Training lead by their favorite Super Hero as he/she demonstrates Intelligence, Strength, Bravery and some Silliness thrown in. The children might even have to help vanquish the Villain, should he crash the party.


Yo Ho, Yo Ho, The Magician's Life for Me! Aye, Aye Matey...there be a curse on your party and only The Captain and his crew can break the curse. Learn the Pirate Code and help the Captain escape before it's too late because

Dead Magician's Tell No Tales.

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