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About the Owner

Having been an Entertainer for over 35 years, and with his extensive work in the field of Education, Bear C.A. Sanchez takes great pride in being an "EduTainer". 


Bear started his career in the entertainment field over 35 years ago doing film and television. Since the beginning of his career, at age 8, he has found his footing in theater and radio, only to currently lead him back to film. Though he can play dramatic as well as comedic, Bear prides himself on being a voice and character actor. Some of his favorite roles include: MARLEY (Christmas Carol - Santa Fe Springs Community Playhouse), GRINCH (How the Grinch Stole Christmas - SFSCP), Voice of AUDREY 2 (Little Shop of Horrors - Whittier Community Theater), TOM COLLINS (Rent - Top Hat 8 Repertory)


Bear finds much joy in being a Children's Party Entertainer, where he regularly performs as such characters like JACK SPARROW, IRON MAN, BATMAN, SUPERMAN and so many others. He is also a long time Magician.


He loves being the Writer/Director of many of the Star Quality Productions' plays, musicals, radio shows and virtual variety shows. Besides being an accomplished performer, Bear is the creator and star of Mr. Bear's Trunk, a children's program on YouTube.. You will hear him as the voice of many of the puppetted characters as well as recognize him as he also plays the familiar role of Mr. Bear.

But his favorite role to date: Being a Father.

Bear C.A. Sanchez
Smile - Charlie Chaplin
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